Never Have a Dead Battery Again


Multifunctional and Easy to Use

Our battery has been extensively designed and tested to be simple enough for anyone to operate. A collection of intelligent sensors and processors will keep users safe from user error. You can use it to jumpstart your motorcycle, ATV, boat or anything that would possibly need a quick jump!

When you’re on the go, our battery pack can give you extended use for your laptop and USB accessories so you can always make that last call, email, or text. The fast 2.1A USB port will make sure your devices are charged up quickly.

Keep All Your Electronics Fully Charged

Key Features

Ultra-Bright LED Light

Ultra-brilliant LED illuminates a distance of 350 feet with an SOS flashing feature which can last over 120 hours. As another safety indicator, there are ultra-bright red reflective LEDs fixated on the top which can flash to warn motorists of a hazard on the road.

Portable Air Compressor

Driving on deflated tires can impact your gas mileage and can also be dangerous. Pair this air compressor with our battery pack and you will always be prepared whether it's inflating tires, pumping an air mattress, or even a football while camping.

What’s in the Box

  • Jump Starter(Power Bank)
  • Jump Cable
  • 8 Detachable Laptop Connectors
  • Notebook Detachable Cable
  • Universal Mobile Device Charging Cable
  • Portable Air Compressor
  • Inflator Tips
  • AC Adapter
  • Car Charger

Product Specifications

  • Out voltage at auto start end: 12V
  • Output voltage: 19V/16V/12V
  • USB Output: 5V/2.1A
  • Charge mode: CC/CV 15V/1A
  • Start current: 300A
  • Peak current: 600A(3S)
  • Cycle life: 1,000 times
  • Capacity: 16500mAh/61.05WH
  • Operating temperature range: -4ºF~140ºF
  • Size: 7.3x3.3x1.7”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if you touch the clamps together?

A: Nothing, there will be no sparks. The jump starter has built in sensors that prevent power from being delivered unless a battery is detected.

Q: What happens if you connect to a battery backwards? (Reverse Polarity)

A: The error LED will illuminate, but it is perfectly safe and there will be no sparks. The jump starter will not deliver power unless the battery is connected to the battery correctly

Q: Do you have to disconnect any cables to use this product?

A: No. Connect directly to the positive post first, then the negative.

Q: How long does it hold a charge?

A: It can hold 70% of its rated capacity for up to one year. For optimal performance, we recommend charging the device at least every 6-12 months, after initial charge.

Q: Can it recharge my branded smartphone?

A: Yes. It can recharge all generations of smartphones on the market, as well as, HD action cameras, tablets, music players, wireless speakers and more.

Q: How many times can it recharge my smartphone?

A: It can recharge a smartphone up to 6-8 times, depending on the discharge level of the phone, and the device.

Q: Does it have any limitations on car engine size for jump starting?

A: Yes. It is primarily designed for single battery vehicles with engine displacements up to 8 liters or 8,000cc. The vast majority of vehicles on the road are below this size.

Q: Can it jump start a motorcycle? What about a lawn mower?

A: Yes. It can jump start any vehicle, like a car, boat, motorcycle, ATV, lawn mower, RV, tractor, truck and more.

Q: Can it jump start my vehicle through the 12V cigarette plug?

A: No. The 12V car ports are current limited at 8 Amps. This device can delivery up to 400 Amps, which would cause severe damage to the port. However, there is no way to connect this product to the 12V port, so there is no risk of this happening.

Q: How long is the product warranty?

A: Its a one-year limited warranty.

Q: Does it work on 220V?

A: Yes. You must use the included AC charger,. It’s not directly tied to the electrical service of your country (i.e. 120V or 220V). The included 12V Car Charger will work in any country or vehicle with a 12V port.

Q: How long does it take to recharge?

A: It will recharge in about 3 hours with the included 12V Car Charger and AC adaptor.

Q: Should I charge the Mini jump starter before using it?

A: Yes. It will arrive partially charged. Fully charge it before first using it to ensure optimal performance.

Q: Can it jump start a 6V vehicle?

A: No. It is only designed for 12V vehicles. Jump starting a 6V battery could become extremely dangerous.

Q: What type of batteries can I use this on?

A: It can be used on any 12-volt lead-acid battery, such as, Wet, Gel, Maintenance-Free, Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) and AGM.

Q: Can I jump start a lithium battery?

A: No. Lithium batteries are sensitive to how current is applied to the battery. Jump starting a lithium battery could become extremely dangerous.

Q: What is the operating temperature?

A: The jump starter can be operated in temperature between -4ºF to 140ºF.

Q: Can I leave the jump starter in direct sunlight in a car?

A: No. Remove from direct sunlight. The ambient temperature in car can increase up to 50ºC (122ºF) within 10 minutes.

Q: If I exceed 80ºC in storage, can it damage the battery?

A: Yes. Do not exceed 80ºC for any reason.

Q: What happens if I use the product outside the temperature ranges?

A: The Mini jump starter contains thermal sensors that will prevent its use when the device exceeds its operating temperature ranges.

Q: What is the capacity of the internal battery?

A: The Mini Jumpstarter is 16,500mAh.

Q: What is lumen rating of the LED flashlight?

A: 100 lumens.

Q: What are the USB ports rated at?

A: Both the USB In and Out ports are rated at 2.1 Amps.

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